General Games Collections

A selection of general games collections.

All books are in very good or better condition for the age of the book. 
Further details and pictures can be provided on request.
As always, I will refund if not happy.
p/b = paperback, softback or flexi-cover
h/b = hardback
d/w = dust wrapper
lib =  An ex library book with associated stamps 
Year and details
Selected Chess Masterpieces
Svetozar Gligorich
Modern Chess Miniatures
Barden & Heidenfeld
1960 h/b d/w
Snatched Opportunities on the
William Lombardy
1793 h/b d/w
Bobby Fischer-The Greatest?
Max Euwe
1979 h/b
Young Grandmasters
Pritchett & Kopec
1980 p/b
Paul Morphy and Golden Age
William Napier
1957 h/b d/w
Great Games by Prodigies
Fred Reinfeld
1967 h/b d/w
Masters of the Chess Board
Richard Reti
1956 h/b d/w
100 Master Games of Chess
Tartkower & Du Mont
1956 h/b d/w
Chess-Player's Weekend Book
R N Coles
1950 h/b d/w
Brilliance in Chess
Gerald Abrahams
1977 h/b d/w
Chess Olympiads
Arpad Foldeak
1966, h/b d/w
The World's Great Chess Games
Reuben Fine
1952 h/b d/w
The Golden Treasury of Chess
Chess Review
1956, h/b d/w
107 Great Chess Battles 1939-45
Alexander Alekhine
1980 p/b
Cambridge Chess
R G Eales
1978 p/b
The Brilliant Touch
W Korn
1950 h/b d/w
Meet the Masters
Dr Max Euwe
1940, h/b
Chess with the Masters
Martin Beheim
1963 h/b d/w
200 Miniature Games of Chess
J Du Mont
1942 h/b